Recommended for Kyoto Sightseeing #1 Restaurant in Shimogyo-ku Area!


Tripadvisor survey 2019

Tripadvisor survey 2019


We are very satisfied with the great price for
All-you-can-eat! Tsukune (chicken meatballs) are very good! We will definitely come back when we are in Kyoto again!

Wonderful service
and great quality food!

We were worried at first because we don’t speak Japanese, but the staff here are very kind. Ingredients are all fresh and taste wonderful. We really recommend this place!

Awarded Certificate of excellence 2019!

3 Points to Dining at TON SHABU HIDE.


Japanese cuisine by a former sumo wrestler!

Our head chef is a former sumo wrestler from Naruto stable. He will serve you our one and only Nabe-dishes!


Foreigner staff will help you woth the sprit of hospitality.

Our staff from around the world make it a great place for tourists!


Don't be nervous! The prices are very reasonable.

Our recommended course meal starts at ¥2,480!

Special gift

when you make a reservation through our website!

Course Meals Commitment Atmosphere

Popular Courses

Pork Shabu-Shabu Course

Pork Shabu-Shabu Course

All-you-can-eat for 2 hours \3,980 tax included

Enjoy our proudly selected brand pork and chicken shabu-shabu.

Melting Beef Course

Melting Beef Course

All-you-can-eat for 2 hours \5,980 tax included

Recommended for those who love Beef and Sea-food.

HIDE Course

HIDE Course

Special selection of Pork & Awaodori-Chicken \3,480 tax included

We recommend this course for people who prefer not to do All-you-can-eat. You can add All-you-can-drink as an option.

Try Maou,Murao and Dassai! Premium Shochu and Japanese Sake…Yes! It's included!!

Our Commitment



We serve particularly selected brand chicken and pork and carefully selected beef.



We serve vegetables and tofu directly from local sources in Kyoto called “Kyo-yasai” and “Kyo-dofu”.

Broth Soup

Broth Soup

Our broth soup is based on a homemade chicken stock recipe passed down directly from our Sumo Wrestler’s stable. We also have kimchi and soy milk flavors.



Please try our original flavoring sauce, ponzu vinegar or sesame seed sauce! Also, try our thai sauce, this one is popular among our foreign customers.



We serve high quality “Kinu-musume’’ brand rice.

Introducing Our Restaurant

Seating Layout

We can accomodate 2~70 guests!

1~2 guests Counter seating for singles and couples.

2~10 guests Semi-private table seating

30~70 guests Reseve entire restaurant for private paries!

We can arrange the table seating as you desire using curtain rails!
We are flexible with your needs and number of guests,
so please consult with us!
Bring a date or enjoy a banquet or sightseeing meal!

Equipped with a projector and Microphone. You can have a party here!

Comments from foreign staff


At this restaurant, we are always able to offer Japanese traditional Nabe (Hot-pot) dishes with reasonable prices. We are particular about the ingredients. Enjoy our broth soup based on Chanko-nabe directly from a sumo wrestler’s recipe. We also have locally grown vegetables and produced tofu. There are many staff from different countries, so don’t worry even if you don’t speak Japanese!